Presentations/Keynote Speaking

My Body Balanced has a variety of motivational half day, full day and weekend wellness events. As a member of the National Speaker Association, we offer advanced, detailed information in an easy to understand, provocative and entertaining manner. The topics vary and are customized to meet each individual organization, but the enthusiasm and results remain constant. Please inquire about our excellent evaluations, testimonials and referrals. My Body balanced works with all types of professional and non professional groups. Please contact the us for special pricing and size discounts.

Corporate Wellness Consulting

My Body Balanced consults with small to large companies to decrease health care costs, increase productivity and morale, and decrease absenteeism. The goal is to create an improved working environment thru improved lifestyle choices, greater physical and emotional wellness. This is created through a variety of methods and is tailored to a company’s needs and budget. Some of the services that My Body Balanced provides are one on one wellness coaching for the employees, classes and presentations, health Fairs, medical screenings, shopping assistance, fitness classes (toning, Pilates, kickboxing, zumba, yoga, belly dancing, cardio, exercise bands, Latin dance, and other types based on the companies needs), meditation and breath work, Wellness Challenges, cooking and prep demos, cooking classes, massage on site. Prices are based on the size of the group and length of services. Please contact My Body Balanced for pricing specials and discounts available.

Private Consultations

My Body Balances offers all the experience, results and benefits to individuals and families in the comfort of our office or in your home or business. We focus on your individual concerns and problems, to develop personal programs to help your body's natural defenses support your wellness. Your nutrition and habits are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. By identifying simple and realistic step to optimal your diet and food habits, we will build "do-able" strategies to optimize your nutrition and create a long-term plan that you can live with.

Discount session packages are available.

Shopping Tours

My Body Balanced believes knowing how to shop and which products are the most beneficial for your body can greatly improve overall health. It’s the quality of our food supply that is important. Shopping tours take individuals or small groups to local grocery stores to teach how to read labels, choose healthy produce, and put together shopping lists for easy meal preparation. These tours teach people how to incorporate super foods and foods that will make large impacts on their overall wellness. The tour includes shopping lists, educational materials, recipes and samples (depending on the stores visited).