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“I think she is very knowledgeable & inspiring. I lowered my blood pressure and eliminated my diabetes medication”

“Very positive, with Noelle's help I have lost 30 lbs. in the last year. Also I have my cholesterol in the normal range, she's very insightful”

“I think Noelle is one of the best things to happen to Ping”

“Excellent, she really cares and knows what she's talking about”

“Wow! I should have seen her sooner!”

“Wonderful! Great resource”

“Very well, excellent assessment for individual nutritional advice”

“Noelle provided very helpful info and helped motivate me to take a more proactive approach to improving my health and extending my warranty

“Noelle did an excellent job of presenting to the Newcomers Club. She is a dynamic and motivated speaker who knows her topics extremely well-whether it is related to foods, health, or various disorders on children's issues. We would highly recommend Noelle to speak at any function. She is diverse and can relate to whatever type of group she is presenting to. She is very knowledgeable regarding what she presents and can answer questions people have related to various topics.”

-L. A. VP of Presidents and Program Chair-Scottsdale Newcomers Club

“We thank you so much. We learned so many ways to improve our health. We will eagerly pass the life changing information on to anyone who will listen at the Center. We hope you will facilitate more grants at our site.”-A.C. from Grant work on “Stretching food dollars for Healthier living”

- Facilitated at Peoria CAP Senior Center.

"I am pleased to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your outstanding presentation on - Heart Health and Nutrition. This was particularly valuable for the 175 Kiwanians present that day. You read our audience right and hit on all the major topics valuable to them. Your style, speaking voice and visual aids were superb. I only wish we would have had more time for questions and had videotaped the presentation for members that were not present for the meeting. We eagerly look forward for you to present to our groups again soon”

-R.C-Programs Chairman of the Kiwanis Club.