Kidney Health CDAre you interested in having healthier blood, more energy, balanced moods, and level blood pressure? Many people don't understand the link of greater wellness and kidney health. Unlock one of the keys to greater Longevity and Vitality. This CD will help you gain a broader understanding of your amazing Kidneys. Your kidneys' health is a vital element in your long term health and aging well. They play such an important role in so many functions of the body and reducing disease and illness. In this CD Noelle will assist you in easy ways to better care for your kidneys. Small and easy steps you can make to nourish and build up these organs. This CD will cover
• Major Functions
• Eastern Theory
• Kidney stressors and signs of weakness
• Activities to support kidney health
• Diet and detoxing the kidneys
• Healing drinks
• Supplements
• Herbs


Kidney Health CDAre you interested in having more energy, deeper sleep, balanced moods, and increased weight loss and weight maintenance? Unlock one of the keys to greater wellness and vitality and aging well. It is liver health and this CD gives you detailed information on how to nourish, honor and build up this very important organ of the body. Let Noelle walk you step by step on how to better care for your liver. This CD is broken down into different sections so you can utilize it with ease. Noelle gives specific information on
• Major liver functions and signs of weakness
• Eastern theory
• Simple actions you can take
• Healing Liver drinks
• Foods to minimize and maximize
• Supplements and herbs
• Specific cleanses for the liver and gallbladder


Kidney Health CDAre you bloated, gassy, struggle with acid reflux, constipated, loose stools, or irregular stools? If any of these ailments relates to you or a family member then this CD would greatly benefit you. Digestive complaints are top issues that Doctors treat. Unlock one of the keys to greater longevity and vitality. Digestion and assimilation are the core of your body and vital for obtaining optimal wellness. Let this CD give you the tools in a fun and to easy to listen to format. It is broken up into different sections to assist you in slowly transforming your digestive wellness. The topics are;
• Healthy digestion
• Eastern theory
• Food sensitivities, food stressors, food combining
• Fiber
• Oils
• Enzymes and hydrochloric acid
• Probiotics
• Demulcents
• Herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes


Kidney Health CDGet all 3 Longevity CDs at a reduced price. The secrets of aging well and vibrant health lie in unlocking 3 main elements of health and wellness. Many people continue to struggle with weight gain, difficulty losing weight, irritability, anxiety, depression, bloating, gas, constipation, low energy, difficulty sleeping thru the night, and aches and pains. Let these 3 CD's help you unlock the missing link to feeling your best emotionally, spiritually and physically. These 3 CD's guide you thru improving your Digestive Health, Liver Health and Kidney Health. For many of us this is our missing link, which over time weakens the body and sets us up for disease and unease in the body. Let theses CD's assist you in strengthening this dynamic team of body systems and watch your health and vitality transform.